The website developed for Nesmos, a London-based company that focuses on digital solutions for the food and beverage industry, is a remarkable work of art that artfully combines a minimalist, sleek, and tangible design. It employs striking tiles and grids to present concise information in an optimal manner, resulting in an immersive and lively user interface. The innovative design of the website showcases Nesmos’ dedication to delivering advanced digital solutions.

Client: Khurram Jhumra
Date: August 3, 2022
Services: UI/UX, Website, Design & Development,Multi-Lingual

Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience is the key.

The website is both simple and intuitive, incorporating a range of contemporary techniques, such as beautiful page transitions and vertical tabbed slideshows with cascading images and highlighted headings. The use of large quotes and scrolling text effects over the landing page effectively draws attention to the presentation and adds an extra level of engagement. In an eccentric twist, the website utilizes the hotspot feature to present key features in an interesting way, showcasing the app design. Overall, this website is a well-designed and engaging platform that effectively showcases the product.

The website’s front-end features an eye-catching color combination of the brand’s primary colors against an isabelline white background, with bold typography that creates a strong recall value. The layout is simple yet smart, with full-screen rows on the home page and a captivating display of data and information throughout. Furthermore, the website is retina-ready, fully-responsive, and mobile-friendly, ensuring that it functions seamlessly on all modern devices and provides an amazing viewing experience to users.


“Sia has delivered the project beyond expectations. She is extremely talented, very focused, and a consummate professional. Her vision guided us through the project, and she was able to take our input and shape it so everything fit together seamlessly. She was very patient and accessible and I really appreciate that. I highly recommend working with her, and I for one will definitely be doing just that!”

Khurram Jhumra Zweble Technologies