Vigo Digital

Vigo Digital, a boutique digital agency based out of Sydney, Australia, entrusted us with the responsibility to redesign their website and solidify their content structure. Our challenge was to come up with a playful yet informative way to display the company information.

Client: Akansha Gupta
Date: September 1, 2017
Services: Concept, User Experience, Web Design, Graphic & Illustration


Vigo Digital offers digital marketing and sales solutions for online brands and retailers.
With a wide range of service areas, including inbound marketing, growth-hacking, demand generation, e-mail marketing, SEO and similar, they approached us to re-devlop their website and come up with a unique design proposition that serves as a visual counterpoint, conveying an experienced, yet approachable tone to its visitors. To keep the impressive breadth and depth of content visually interesting, we created a playful modular design using images, graphics and typography-based layout blocks.

Among the key challenges was to update the brand’s visual identity and elucidate its core services and point of sale with bold, eye-catching design so that it stands out amongst its fellow competitors. To meet this objective, we added a complementary and extremely vivid color scheme to differentiate between the various solutions and offerings without affecting their core commonalities. For each section of the website, we pursued an almost exclusive pictorial approach so that a contemporary yet unique look, distinctive from each other was crafted for each page making the whole website look memorable & dynamic.

04. Our Process

A lot of care went into crafting a minimalist structure and layout to meet the client’s needs of a lean and reduced design. We developed a pictorial concept to make the previous website more approachable.

To display the various services & solutions, we combined a cascading grid layout with a variety of colors, interesting graphics and full screen slideshows. In order to ensure high memorability, we kept the design for all communication media consistent for the initial outreach.


We undertook a detailed research in order to understand the fundamentals and come up with an initial strategy for re-development. The collected data was organized and hierarchy of priorities and content types was defined to create a brand new architecture that reflects these structures.


The core concept was translated into actual code in order to create an interactive prototype that can help identify possible pitfalls or requirements. The initial ideas were converted into drafts to show how the content could be displayed and start porting the core brand values into the digital space.


To make sure the prototype fulfills all the specifications and compatibility requirements, regular discussion sessions were organized with the client & team. The concept was refined further based on client feedback and analysis in order to unlock any hidden potential or scope of improvement.

05. Transformation

Revamping an outdated and overloaded website can be a complex and sensitive task. Vigo Digital tasked us with creating a new website and refreshing the brand’s tone. To accomplish this, our primary strategy was to prioritize visual elements and incorporate vibrant images and illustrated process diagrams that effectively communicate the company’s range of services and solutions.

06. Mobile Solutions

Our aim for the mobile version of the website was to provide a user experience that is application-oriented and free of clutter.