Crafted for effortless usability and optimal performance.


A stunner website made for Bangalore, India based wedding planners that make use of a creative and unique layout with a strong presence of unusual navigation – breaking the mundane web design mold.

A beautiful exemplar of a visually-stunning, stylish, and sophisticated design with full screen layouts and inspiring design elements. Its many highlights include a unique 3D parallax effect on the home page slider, justified galleries, a snap-to-scroll feature, modern typography, and an impressive social gallery display.

Client: Taarini Weddings
Date: February 22, 2022
Services: UI/UX, Concept Design, E-Commerce, Web Design & Development


An impressive Portfolio & eCommerce website, that focuses on an interactive and artful customer experience.

The website welcomes visitors with clean and minimalist layouts that incorporate ample white space, full-screen sliders on the home page, responsive galleries, and albums throughout the website. A tasteful parallax effect has been skillfully implemented to create an elegant look, combining contemporary aesthetics and modernism beautifully across the site. With smooth fading transitions between each section and captivating animations, browsing the site is a delightful experience. The website also sets an excellent example of how to effectively utilize a grid structure with captivating color schemes while maintaining a strong visual hierarchy in design and content presentation.


Strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience is the key.

The website features an attention-grabbing layout that immediately captures the attention of visitors. Its retina-ready and fully responsive design ensures seamless functionality on all modern devices, providing users with an exceptional viewing experience. The website utilizes a unique approach to showcasing its image collection, using the justified gallery feature in an unconventional yet intriguing manner. The impressive album section sets the tone for a professional and polished first impression.

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