Phone Buy

A website featuring a spiraling and zooming canvas of content – each interactively and beautifully presented.

A visually impressive and engaging website was developed to showcase Phone Buy, a novel mobile checkout technology that enables shoppers to purchase and pay digitally, eliminating the need for time-consuming queues. The task involved not only presenting the app’s features in an interesting way but also creating an impressive visual representation of the concept for both end-users – the customer and the retailer.

Services: UI, UX, Website Design & Development


By employing a distinctive vertical navigation system in conjunction with exceptional icon usage and seamless scrolling interactions, this website delivers an outstanding browsing experience for its users.

With its unconventional design, this website incorporates various distinctive usability features to showcase the app, including a vertical scroll with headings, hotspots, cascading images, and an off-canvas menu that beautifully displays crucial brand information.


Through a creative blend of top-notch animations, colorization, and videos, the website delivers a captivating and immersive experience that thoroughly engages the user.

The website employs a remarkable integration of color theory, navigation mechanisms, and visuals, complemented by seamless and high-quality animations, parallax effects, and page transitions, all of which effectively captivate visitors’ attention towards its exceptional design.


“It was a month ago when we decided to have a website as a front face for shopping application. And so we started looking for someone who could understand our business model and brand elements, design and build a website. Luckily, we met Sia who could precisely understand what we are building, in a brief time. From their, it was all her creativity and enthusiasm which made a beautiful, classy and simple website for Phonebuy. I appreciate her attention to details, commitment to the task at hand and never give up attitude. Thank you Sia, for helping us in our first step.

If you are looking for someone who could design and develop a right website for you, I would recommend Xclamatory Creative Design Studio.”

VISHAL KARUPARTHI Co-Founder - Product Management & Marketing & Strategy at PhoneBuy

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