Client: Andrew Selbst
Services: UI, UX, Web Design, Logo Design, Graphics & Animation

Simple and intuitive, it utilizes a number of contemporary techniques, from eye-catching animations to full screen slide shows with beautifully presented thumbnails that react when clicked over. Large quote displayed over the landing page and intriguing brand highlights effectively emphasizes the presentation and adds an extra level of engagement. The front-end uses an eye-catching blue and green color combination with strong typography to create a high recall value. The website layout is kept simple yet smart with a fantastic use of full screen rows on the home page and interesting display of data and information all over.



Featuring a unique layout with slick off-canvas navigation, smooth transitions and modern typography, the website was built for a US based consulting firm.

The website takes an altogether traditional approach to displaying the business information in a cohesive and straightforward manner. The pages are kept clean and concise featuring full-screen sections laid nicely with relevant links and information and an independent, exclusive call to action at the bottom of each page.

A simple, beautiful & engaging site with easy-to-read content that’s free of any distractions. NASB is all about the experience of the content itself. In a world where most websites are known to be riddled with major usability issues, the website pushes ease, accessibility, and responsive design forward. There is also something very confident about using Sofia Pro as the only font. Why not.



04. Our Approach

Great care was taken in creating a minimalist structure and layout to best suit the client’s desire for a lean and simplified design. To make the website more inviting, a visual concept was developed.

To display the various bonds, we combined a cascading image grid layout with a variety of quirky icons, interesting graphics and full screen slideshows. The site serves as a great example to how to properly execute a grid structure with compelling color schemes while maintaining a nice visual hierarchy in the design and content presentation. In order to ensure high memorability, we kept the design for all communication media consistent for the initial outreach.


Conduct a thorough investigation to gain insight into the basics and devise an initial plan for design & construction. Utilizing the collected information, a hierarchy of priorities and materials was formed to construct a completely new structure that mirrors these arrangements.


Converting the core concept into code enabled us to create an interactive prototype to identify potential challenges and needs. Translating initial ideas into drafts, we were able to demonstrate how the content could be presented and apply the core brand values to the digital space.


Organizing regular discussion sessions with the client & team ensured that the prototype met all the specifications and compatibility requirements. Client feedback and analysis was used to refine the concept further, thereby unlocking any potential or scope of improvement.