A bold & beautiful approach to display the content, by leveraging a grid-based design, big & bold typography, high-quality images and gradient backgrounds.

Xclamatory has brought to fruition a website that is visually appealing by incorporating a retina-ready design with seamless transitions, polished parallax effects, and remarkable animations. Moreover, a stunning collection of fonts has been curated to elevate the brand’s style quotient. The website’s overall aesthetic is further enriched by expertly combining white space and gradients, creating ample breathing room for each element to shine.

The home page is particularly noteworthy for its creative use of data and information, further amplifying the website’s overall impact. The use of large quotes and intriguing brand highlights on the landing page effectively emphasizes the presentation and adds an extra layer of interest. The content is logically organized, beginning with a scenario that elucidates the problem and its solution. It is then followed by a brief introduction of the product and culminates with a comprehensive section that highlights its features and reviews.

eCommerce Functionality

To bolster product confidence and ultimately drive conversions, the brand prominently showcases product features as tags, customer reviews, and a comprehensive FAQ section throughout the website.

The website’s attractive design is complemented by its robust eCommerce functionality alongwith a visually appealing header, a mega menu, engaging promo pop-ups, a customized checkout process, the option for individual and subscription-based purchases and a seamless newsletter integration. Furthermore, the presentation is enhanced by the inclusion of stunning product images, detailed product features and comparisons, as well as informative how-to guides, all of which add significant value.


Wisey uses the brand vibrant colors to its advantage. But the colors aren’t just limited to backgrounds and product images. Even the fonts are colorful and give off a pleasant, youthful feeling.

The website as a whole features a lively & colorful backdrop and well-crafted typography that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Furthermore, the single product is showcased with a sophisticated 3D perspective everywhere that enhances the overall appearance. The website employs a variety of modern techniques, such as captivating animations and full-screen slide shows, to enhance user engagement further.

The website boasts a plethora of features, including full-screen accordion view, 3D banners, marquee, modal window, highlighted texts, animated frames, typewriter functionality, seamless integration with MailChimp for newsletter pop-ups, an Instagram feed, and a modal window for the “Contact Us” section.

SW1 (22)

“Sia has been a key component on the success of our business and website. Her Web Design skills are incredible, and she was able to understand our vision from the beginning. She gave the extra mile, from the Homepage, Shop, Blogs, to the add to cart functionalities, setting up our payment gateway, SEO tracking and speed improvement. She is not limited to web development, she is a business partner. And the work doesn’t stop when she delivers your Website, she is always thriving and proposing new ways to improve your website functionalities. I fully recommend her.”

Lissette S. Noboa & Dylan O’Byrne, United States CEO & Founder at LiveWisey