King Elisabeth

Brand identity and Web Design for King Elisabeth.

The online design portfolio of King Elisabeth, a Swedish-based jewelry designer, presents an innovative and distinctive concept that is undeniably compelling from a voyeuristic standpoint.


The website’s visual design employs a minimalist approach and incorporates a soft pastel color palette that seamlessly complements Elizabeth’s portfolio.

The website boasts a modern and pristine aesthetic, featuring ample previews, galleries with horizontal scrolling, and polished animated rollover images that seamlessly integrate with the designer’s distinct style and personality. It delivers precisely what visitors desire, presented in the quickest and most captivating manner possible.

Client: Elisabeth Kvist
Services: Concept, Website Design, UX, UI, E-Commerce


The website positions itself as a perfect balance between sophistication and simplicity, which is exemplified by its portfolio page. The page expertly blends off-kilter parallax scroll effects with striking masonry imagery to showcase everything beautifully.

The profile page captivates your attention with its vivid and eye-catching background montage of colors upon rolling over. The large and meticulously captured images, together with alternating animated dynamic grids, lend the website a dynamic and fascinating feel that seamlessly combines form and function. However, what we adore the most is the level of detail that each section delves into.


“Sia's work on my website has been incredibly professional. She has guided me in the structure of my company's image and created a superb online store with emotion and expertise. She has great patience and knowledge. Super talented and kind. Comes with good suggestions and is very patient. I would highly recommend her and hire her again for the next project. Just positive references from me.”

Elisabeth Kvist, Sweden For King Elisabeth