Helvetia Connect

Client: Mairaj Taufiq
Date: September 24, 2020
Services: Concept, Design, UI/UX, Website, Interaction Design


Helvetia Connect is an enterprise-level on-demand staffing solution for universities, helping to create a staffing ecosystem specific to you, while automating your service delivery operations including booking, teacher attendance, grades submission, payments and collecting student feedback. They approached us to develop an informative website for ‘Connect’ that is both eccentric in its design and also has a futuristic vibe.

The result was a visually striking website that contrast between alternate screen-width image and sparse text panels helping visitors pick up on the business’s unique personality. Monochrome and attractive but serious photos lend this business website a professional feel. Dark color scheme, clean lines and clear typography make it skimmable and easy to navigate while the unique scrolling transition effect immediately steals the show. You won’t find obtrusive photos or quirky styling here. Striking motivational messages will get customers pumped to try the demo and know more about the proposition.

The Experience

Proof that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to create a great user experience.

Incorporating visual elements such as images and animations proven to enhance the user experience, the outcome was a visually stunning website that brought solid results to the brand.  Our goal was to create an aesthetically pleasing, dynamic and at the same time well-structured and informative, with a reliable look and easy navigation.

The website highlights the business information, statistical data and of course the app features with many visually pleasing fading effects and transitions. For easier website navigation, the palette and tone is kept bold, dark and deep. And even though there is quite a lot of text, it’s easy on the eye – thanks to the minimal design and a greyscale color scheme.

Our Approach

The new design approach has provided Helvetia with a greater online visibility as well as the tools to communicate key messaging and convey important details about the brilliant SaaS product they are offering. All of this and more, in a balanced design that feels both clean and simple, yet engaging, informative and reassuring.

A brilliant teamwork

We also collaborated with Helvetia for creating their one-page business website, a web-based business presentation and a company brochure in order to showcase their unique services and amenities to engage prospective customers. It was indeed a great experience!

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