Helvetia Connect

Client: Mairaj Taufiq
Date: September 24, 2020
Services: Concept, Design, UI/UX, Website, Interaction Design


Helvetia Connect is a top-tier on-demand staffing solution designed for universities, offering a personalized staffing ecosystem while automating various service delivery operations including booking, teacher attendance, grades submission, payment processing, and student feedback collection. We were approached by Helvetia to develop an informative website for ‘Connect’ that features a futuristic vibe and eccentric design.

The outcome was a visually striking website that employs alternating screen-width images and sparse text panels to showcase the company’s distinct personality. The website features monochrome and captivating yet professional photos, giving it a polished appearance. Its dark color scheme, clean lines, and clear typography enhance its skimmability and ease of navigation. The website’s unique scrolling transition effect is an attention-grabber. There are no intrusive photos or unconventional styling elements to be found. Instead, the website employs striking motivational messages to entice visitors to try the demo and learn more about the offering.

The Experience

Proof that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to create a great user experience.

By incorporating visually appealing elements such as images and animations, we were able to enhance the user experience and deliver impressive outcomes for the brand. Our primary objective was to design a website that was both aesthetically pleasing and dynamic while maintaining a well-structured and informative layout that exudes reliability and easy navigation.

The website accentuates business information, statistical data, and app features with visually appealing fading effects and smooth transitions. The color palette and tone were deliberately kept bold, dark, and deep to facilitate effortless navigation. Despite containing a substantial amount of text, the website’s minimalistic design and grayscale color scheme make it easy on the eyes.

Our Approach

The innovative design approach has not only enhanced Helvetia’s online visibility but also empowered them to effectively communicate key messaging and critical information about their exceptional SaaS product. The design strikes a perfect balance, being both simple and clean, while at the same time, engaging, informative, and reassuring.


An outstanding display of teamwork.

In addition to collaborating with Helvetia on their one-page business website, we also assisted in developing a web-based business presentation and a company brochure, all aimed at showcasing their exceptional services and amenities and engaging potential customers. The entire experience was truly rewarding.