A site that leverages digital storytelling and visual hierarchy in its design.

A dynamic layout and an emphasis on using photos instead of boring blocks of text help to keep things exciting with this business website created for Etomix, a consulting firm based out of Sydney, Australia.  Clean fonts, exciting collages, strong imagery and responsive animations keep things professional while CTAs all over the place guarantee a high conversion rate. This business website places a profile of its owners front and center to help customers feel connected to its brand.

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Client: Tom Vouk & Ema Suncic
Date: December 25, 2020
Services: Concept, User Experience, Web Design, Graphic & Illustration


The whitespace and the exuberant color palette enhance the user experience, yet the site serves its purpose and exudes professionalism –
a sign of a website well done.

Defining the brand’s creative vision and illustrating its core accommodations and point of sale with bold, ocular perceiver-catching design so that it stands out amongst its contemporaries was our primary motive. To accomplish this objective, we fused a complementary and extremely vibrant colour palette with a picture-heavy approach, resulting in an ecpic and vivid look for each and every page, that renders the overall website exceptionally bright and dynamic. Smooth fade-in animations help relevant pieces of information appear subtly as readers scroll down the landing page.

A corporate website that’s serious and sophisticated but also modern and dynamic, thanks to its use of slick full-bleed textured animations at the background that moves on mouse scroll. Lots of large images, graphics help the pages of this business website to pop.

Strong visuals introduce the user to different sections of the site that are packed with information beyond the usual sales and marketing pitch that is so common today. The site includes a blog that provides plenty of written content aimed at their target audience. Of course, you’ll also find all the necessary details about the services they offer and how they can help.