A site that leverages digital storytelling and strategic visual hierarchy in its design.

The website designed for Etomix, a consulting firm based out of Sydney, Australia, features a dynamic layout and an emphasis on using photos instead of text blocks, creating an exciting user experience. The use of clean fonts, striking collages, powerful imagery, and responsive animations maintains a professional tone while strategically placed CTAs ensure a high conversion rate. The website also prominently features a profile of the owners, fostering a personal connection with customers and promoting the brand.

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Client: Tom Vouk & Ema Suncic
Date: December 25, 2020
Services: Concept, User Experience, Web Design, Graphic & Illustration


The whitespace and the exuberant color palette enhance the user experience, yet the site serves its purpose and exudes professionalism – a sign of a website well done.

Our primary goal was to define the brand’s creative vision and illustrate its core offerings and unique selling points with bold, eye-catching designs that set it apart from its competitors. To achieve this, we used a complementary and vibrant color palette and relied heavily on visuals, resulting in a vivid and dynamic look for every page of the website. Smooth fade-in animations subtly reveal relevant information as readers scroll down the landing page, adding to the overall engaging and dynamic feel of the site.


A modern and dynamic corporate website that balances sophistication with a touch of playfulness. Full-bleed textured animations in the background respond to mouse scrolling, adding a sleek touch to the design. Large images and graphics throughout the pages of the site create a visually engaging experience, helping important information and key messages to stand out.

The website stands out from others by introducing users to different sections packed with informative content, in addition to the typical sales and marketing pitch. It features strong visuals to guide users through each section, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. The blog, which is targeted towards their audience, offers a plethora of written content. Along with this, the site also includes all necessary details about their services and how they can be of help.