A website featuring a spiraling and zooming canvas of content – each interactively and beautifully presented.

Coming up with a fresh design for an old and inundated website can be a delicate as well as challenging matter. Webo Designs, a boutique digital agency based out of Sydney, Australia, entrusted Xclamatory with the responsibility to redesign CubiSpec website, solidify their content structure and update the brand’s tonality.

Client: Julian Wallis
Services: UX, UI, Website Design & Development


Our core approach was to focus on the visual aspects and create a website laced with enthusiastic images and illustrated process diagrams that visualize the various services and solutions the company has to offer.

A lot of care went into crafting a minimalist structure and layout to meet the client’s needs of a lean and reduced design. Our challenge was to come up with a subtle yet informative way to display the company information.

Website Screens


We updated the brand’s visual identity and elucidate its core services and point of sale with bold, eye-catching design so that it stands out amongst its fellow competitors.

To display the various services & solutions, we combined a cascading grid layout with a variety of colors, interesting graphics and full screen slideshows. In order to ensure high memorability, we kept the design for all communication media consistent for the initial outreach.

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