Best Kids’ Books

For an all-out immersive experience, take a look at the Best Kids Books Website – a bright, colorful and dynamic website with a clean-cut, lively and easy to navigate interface.

Client: Katherine Hubbard
Date: December 18, 2019
Services: Concept, User Experience, Web Design, Graphic & Illustration


Best Kids Books offers a curated selection of books picked up by a group of mothers and teachers who love children’s books. With a wide range of books on offer, Katherine approached us to develop their website and come up with a unique design proposition that accommodates as a visual counterpoint, conveying an experienced, yet fun & approachable tone to its visitors. To keep the impressive breadth and depth of content visually fascinating, we engendered a frolicsome modular design utilizing image, graphics and typography-predicated layout blocks.

Among the key challenges was to establish the brand’s visual identity and elucidate its core accommodations and point of sale with bold, ocular perceiver-catching design so that it stands out amongst its fellow competitors. To meet this objective, we integrated a complementary and profoundly vivid color scheme and pursued a picture-intensive approach so that an effulgent & colorful look was crafted for each & every page making the whole website look memorable & dynamic.

The Experience

Designed with simplicity and streamlined functionality in mind.

The playful site is full of simple but delightful design touches that ooze personality. Colourful textured backgrounds adds a feeling of energy without being overwhelming, playful animations bring the design to life throughout the site (not just on the homepage) and use of great typography and dazzling design effects combine to grab your attention.

It feels like effort and thought have gone into every element – from the quirky treatment of the hamburger menu to the wonderful set of imagery, graphics and elements. The design embraces a cute little world of its own and strikes all the right notes to discover hand-picked books by moms & teachers, displayed effortlessly & beautifully.

Mobile Solutions

A clutter-free user experience and a pleasure to watch on all browsers and mobile devices.

Features & Functionality

An impressive eCommerce website, that focuses on an interactive & beautiful customer experience. It sports clean, minimalist layouts with plenty of white space and greet visitors with a full-page slider on the home page. A tastefully designed parallax effect mesh well and create an elegant overall look.