Best Kids’ Books

For a fully immersive experience, check out the Best Kids Books Website, featuring a vibrant and dynamic design that is both colorful and clean-cut. Its lively and effortless-to-navigate interface ensures seamless user interaction.

Client: Katherine Hubbard
Date: December 18, 2020
Services: Concept, User Experience, Web Design, Graphic & Illustration


Best Kids Books features a handpicked selection of books, carefully curated by a team of passionate mothers and teachers. Katherine approached us to develop a unique and visually engaging design that conveys a sense of expertise while remaining fun and approachable to visitors. To keep the extensive range of content visually captivating, we implemented a playful modular design that utilizes image, graphics, and typography-based layout blocks.

One of the significant challenges we faced was creating a visual identity for the brand that effectively communicated its core offerings and unique selling points through bold and eye-catching design elements. To achieve this objective, we incorporated a vibrant and complementary color scheme and employed a picture-centric approach to create an energetic and colorful look for each page, resulting in a memorable and dynamic website.

The Experience

Designed with simplicity and streamlined functionality in mind.

The playful website is brimming with simple yet delightful design touches that exude personality. The colorful textured backgrounds infuse the site with a sense of energy without overwhelming the user. Playful animations bring the design to life on every page, not just the homepage. In addition, the excellent use of typography and dazzling design effects work together seamlessly to capture the user’s attention.

Every element of the website is carefully crafted and thoughtfully executed, from the quirky treatment of the hamburger menu to the wonderful imagery, graphics, and other design elements. The overall design creates a charming little world of its own and strikes all the right notes to showcase the hand-picked books by moms and teachers. The books are displayed effortlessly and beautifully, with the design adding to the experience of discovering them.

Our Process

Considerable attention was paid to create a minimalistic structure and layout that aligns with the client’s requirement of a lean and simplified design. To achieve this, we conceptualized a visual approach that makes the website more approachable and user-friendly than its previous iteration.

In order to showcase the different sections, we utilized a cascading grid layout that incorporated a diverse range of colors, captivating graphics, and full-screen slideshows. To maintain a lasting impression, we maintained a consistent design across all communication media for the initial outreach.


In order to lay the groundwork for the redevelopment project, we conducted a thorough research phase to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project requirements. We analyzed the collected data and established a clear hierarchy of content types and priorities, which served as the basis for a new website architecture.


The fundamental idea was transformed into functioning code to produce an interactive prototype, which was used to identify potential challenges and necessary adjustments. Moreover, preliminary designs were created to demonstrate how the content could be presented and to translate the fundamental brand values into the digital realm.


Regular sessions were arranged with the client to ensure that the prototype was in full compliance with the required specifications and compatibility parameters. The concept was then further refined, leveraging the feedback and insights gained during the analysis phase, to unearth untapped opportunities and maximize the potential of the project.

Mobile Solutions

The website offers a clean and uncluttered user experience that is enjoyable to view on all types of browsers and mobile devices.

Features & Functionality

The eCommerce website provides an impressive and interactive customer experience with its clean and minimalist layouts, abundant white space, and a striking full-page slider on the home page. The tasteful integration of parallax effects adds to the overall elegance of the design.