Simple and intuitive, it utilizes a number of contemporary techniques, from eye-catching animations to full screen slide shows with beautifully presented thumbnails that react when clicked over. Large quote displayed over the…


Design A bold & beautiful approach to display the content, by leveraging a grid-based design, big & bold typography, high-quality images and gradient backgrounds. Xclamatory has brought to fruition a website that…

Helvetia Connect

EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT, BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED. Helvetia Connect is a top-tier on-demand staffing solution designed for universities, offering a personalized staffing ecosystem while automating various service delivery operations including booking, teacher attendance, grades submission,…

King Elisabeth

The online design portfolio of King Elisabeth, a Swedish-based jewelry designer, presents an innovative and distinctive concept that is undeniably compelling from a voyeuristic standpoint.

Best Kids’ Books

For a fully immersive experience, check out the Best Kids Books Website, featuring a vibrant and dynamic design that is both colorful and clean-cut. Its lively and effortless-to-navigate interface ensures seamless user interaction.


Nerone - Cafe & Coffee Roasters, located in Bretten, Germany, now boasts a magnificent and cutting-edge website that is both modern and highly responsive. A stunningly polished and professional website was developed…

Phone Buy

A visually impressive and engaging website was developed to showcase Phone Buy, a novel mobile checkout technology that enables shoppers to purchase and pay digitally, eliminating the need for time-consuming queues. The task involved not only presenting the app’s features in an interesting way but also creating an impressive visual representation of the concept for both end-users – the customer and the retailer.

Values For Fashion

VFF’s web design prioritizes a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that emphasizes a simple theme. As an ecommerce website, it follows a straightforward structure that facilitates easy browsing and shopping. The site strikes a balance between design and imagery, showcasing high-quality, oversized product shots on the homepage, which are neatly arranged in a grid-like, Pinterest-inspired layout. This youthful and engaging design, coupled with intuitive navigation, makes it easy for users to stay on the site and explore its offerings.


Attekus now has a sleek and stylish one-page website to showcase their products. The website’s design is minimalistic, featuring a dark color scheme that exudes sophistication. The contact section is particularly noteworthy, boasting a unique and interactive dotted background that responds to user hovering, creating an impressive visual effect.


Info A stunner website made for Bangalore, India based wedding planners that make use of a creative and unique layout with a strong presence of unusual navigation - breaking the mundane web…