Info A stunner website made for Bangalore, India based wedding planners that make use of a creative and unique layout with a strong presence of unusual navigation - breaking the mundane web…


Info A site that leverages digital storytelling and visual hierarchy in its design. A dynamic layout and an emphasis on using photos instead of boring blocks of text help to keep things…

Helvetia Connect

EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT, BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED. Helvetia Connect is an enterprise-level on-demand staffing solution for universities, helping to create a staffing ecosystem specific to you, while automating your service delivery operations including booking, teacher…


Coming up with a fresh design for an old and inundated website can be a delicate as well as challenging matter. Webo Designs, a boutique digital agency based out of Sydney, Australia, entrusted Xclamatory with the responsibility to redesign CubiSpec website, solidify their content structure and update the brand’s tonality.

Best Kids’ Books

For an all-out immersive experience, take a look at the Best Kids Books Website – a bright, colorful and dynamic website with a clean-cut, lively and easy to navigate interface.

King Elisabeth

The online design portfolio of King Elisabeth, a jewelry designer based out of Sweden, showcasing an innovative & unique concept – as well as being undeniably compelling from a voyeuristic point of view.

Phone Buy

A stunning and highly interactive website created to present Phone Buy, a new mobile checkout technology that allows customers to shop, pay and checkout digitally, thus avoiding the most time-consuming component of a shopping experience: standing in a queue. Challenge was to not only present the application functionality in an interesting manner but also deliver a stunning visual execution of the concept for both of its end-users – the buyer & the retailer.

Chill Travel

An incredibly immersive website that tells the brand story and describes the usage & functionality of an innovative and exciting product in an intriguing way. Strong visuals and animations introduce the user…

The Set Design Company

Xclamatory demonstrate its commitment to creating visually pleasing digital designs by crafting this stripped-down, minimal yet stunning website for a well-renowned set design company based in Bangalore. A clean and captivating fully responsive landing page design highlighting image & pattern based backgrounds, with neat and neutral tones, subtle typography and ken-burn transition effects. The content is seamlessly structured in the website with features such as highlighted text, blogs, image carousels, and a unique section for social media interactions with instagram feed.


A surreal website juxtaposed by a simple, flat and material design that uses provocative tiles and grids to present the limited information in the best way possible. Designed for Nesmos, a london based firm providing digital solutions for food and beverages sector.