Brief A site that leverages digital storytelling and strategic visual hierarchy in its design. The website designed for Etomix, a consulting firm based out of Sydney, Australia, features a dynamic layout and…

Helvetia Education

Helvetia Education, Switzerland now boasts a visually stunning dark-themed landing page that utilizes parallax scrolling. The lovely spacious design, featuring grayscale images, mountain contours, and textures, perfectly aligns with the “path” journey branding. The page’s delightful load animation, slide-in transitions, and well-organized navigation contribute to a stronger first impression. The underlined text and outlined font add a neat touch, while featuring pictures of their team members helps to build trust with potential clients and allows the company to showcase their expertise. Overall, this landing page is a powerful tool for Helvetia Education in attracting and retaining clients.

Vigo Digital

Vigo Digital, a boutique digital agency based out of Sydney, Australia, entrusted us with the responsibility to redesign their website and solidify their content structure. Our challenge was to come up with a playful yet informative way to display the company information.

The Set Design Company

Xclamatory demonstrates its unwavering commitment to creating visually pleasing digital designs through their creation of a stripped-down, yet stunning website for a well-renowned set design company based in Bangalore. The fully responsive landing page design features captivating image and pattern-based backgrounds, paired with neat and neutral tones, subtle typography, and ken-burn transition effects. The website’s content is seamlessly structured, with highlighted text, blogs, image carousels, and a unique section dedicated to social media interactions with an Instagram feed.


The Australia-based consulting firm effectively presents their brand features using a conversational tone and a minimalist design that is both clear and concise. The website's structured format, clever use of parallax scrolling…