Simple and intuitive, it utilizes a number of contemporary techniques, from eye-catching animations to full screen slide shows with beautifully presented thumbnails that react when clicked over. Large quote displayed over the…

Helvetia Connect

EXCEPTIONAL CONTENT, BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED. Helvetia Connect is a top-tier on-demand staffing solution designed for universities, offering a personalized staffing ecosystem while automating various service delivery operations including booking, teacher attendance, grades submission,…

Best Kids’ Books

For a fully immersive experience, check out the Best Kids Books Website, featuring a vibrant and dynamic design that is both colorful and clean-cut. Its lively and effortless-to-navigate interface ensures seamless user interaction.


Nerone - Cafe & Coffee Roasters, located in Bretten, Germany, now boasts a magnificent and cutting-edge website that is both modern and highly responsive. A stunningly polished and professional website was developed…

Phone Buy

A visually impressive and engaging website was developed to showcase Phone Buy, a novel mobile checkout technology that enables shoppers to purchase and pay digitally, eliminating the need for time-consuming queues. The task involved not only presenting the app’s features in an interesting way but also creating an impressive visual representation of the concept for both end-users – the customer and the retailer.


Attekus now has a sleek and stylish one-page website to showcase their products. The website’s design is minimalistic, featuring a dark color scheme that exudes sophistication. The contact section is particularly noteworthy, boasting a unique and interactive dotted background that responds to user hovering, creating an impressive visual effect.

Chill Travel

The website provides an immersive experience, offering a captivating brand story and an intriguing description of an innovative and exciting product. The strong visuals and animations lead the user through various sections…


Developing a new design for an outdated and overwhelmed website can be a sensitive and demanding task. Webo Designs, a small digital firm located in Sydney, Australia, assigned Xclamatory with the responsibility of revamping CubiSpec’s website, establishing a clear content organization, and refreshing the brand’s tone.


The website developed for Nesmos, a London-based company that focuses on digital solutions for the food and beverage industry, is a remarkable work of art that artfully combines a minimalist, sleek, and tangible design. It employs striking tiles and grids to present concise information in an optimal manner, resulting in an immersive and lively user interface. The innovative design of the website showcases Nesmos’ dedication to delivering advanced digital solutions.


This straight-to-the-point website exemplifies the importance of thoughtfully chosen colors and typography, as well as a clear and concise design and user-friendly navigation, in achieving a triumphant online business presentation.